This was part of a Twilio hosted hackathon.

So the problem I’m solving here

You and your friends want to do the secret santa this christmas and you need a way to randomly pick secret santas for each in the group. Also no one wants to be the organizer because that would mean they would know who’s got who.

The solution

  1. One personf rom the group goes to the website.
  2. Adds all friends to a list with name and phone number (yeah I know, creepy but bare with me)
  3. Press submit

Once you’ve added all of your friends, the system will randomize who gets who as the secret santa. It will then make a phone call to each person in the group telling them who is their “target”. This way no one will know each others target and also the “organiser” can participate, because they don’t need to be the one that knows all the info.

The transcript of the call:

- This is an automated secret santa call.
- You are the secret santa for [NAME_OF_TARGET].
*Plays a small clip of jingle bells*
- Good bye.
*Hangs up*

Here’s some screenshots of the design. I decided later to skip the registration since the service was only up during the hackathon and couple weeks after.

Example image

Technologies used:

  • Firebase (Hosting & Functions)
  • Twilio call API
  • React